Langport and Neighbourhood Flood Forum

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 19:00
Langport Town Council

Great Bow Wharf - Langport 

Coffee served from 7pm.  Forum starts 7.30

Objectives of the event


By the end of the forum, those attending

  • Will have an understanding of the background to the present management of water, flooding and drainage in Langport.
  • Will know how, in November/December 2012, the threat of flooding in Langport was managed.  
  • Will feel more confident, as householders, in how to protect themselves and their property against the threat of flooding in the future.
  • Will know what strategies may be adopted in the future to combat the threat of flooding.
  • Will be able to contribute well-informed suggestions towards planning for future flood risk and responses from the community.   

Chair:  Anthony Gibson

Guest Speakers from the EA, Drainmage Boards and County Council

Organsied by Langport Town Council