Present:  Cara;  Sue;  Phil;  Neil;  Tony;  Norma
Apologies:  Val;  Jane;  Caroline;  Lyn G.;  Chris Maltin
Cara began by thanking members who attended the meeting about community energy.   Re: Langport Town Council, clerk has reported not enough interest within the Council to look at Council and Town Trust sites for solar panels.
Perhaps if Council or Town Trust  would lead, we could raise interest in the local community to invest in rooftop solar energy schemes: there was a suggestion to survey possible buildings, but this has now all died down.
Ways it might be revived:
1. A better way of investing than in a bank. Against this, once money is invested it is no longer fluid.
2. An article in the paper outlining a scheme of a community-run energy project.  Suggesting investment.  Wedmore have a scheme which can be googled.  Plymouth has a scheme for those who cannot afford their own panels to own a share in those on school roofs.
3.  Press release might energise the Council to do it OR they could creat it themselves.
4. Brendon Energy Group is a company doing comm.. energy work.
Green Scythe Fair:  have offered to sponsor Elderflower cotton bags – with Elderflower/Green Scythe on either side.Green Scythe Fair buying cider from us is a source of funding.
Dates:  Tuesday 28th October:   Talk on Flat Pack Democracy at Green Drinks at 
Eli’s AT 7.30 P.M.    Let’s all try to be there.  The speaker is the Mayor of Frome, Peter McFadyen
Saturday 1st Nov.  Harvest Supper,  7 for 7.30p.m.  Tickets £5 from Jane 
Help earlier as usual will be needed and welcome.  Prizes suit able for the raffle will be gratefully accepted by Norma, either on Tuesday 28th, or at the Hall on the 1st. 
For those who know him, Duncan will be here for the Harvest Supper and would be grateful for books, especially on Football, to read in his tent. 
Sue suggested we should all sign the online petition expressing outrage that UKIP are to be included in broadcast debates whereas the Green Party are not. …………………………………………….. 
Transport Group met on 2.10.14 regarding a railway station.  Stephen Hammond is replaced by Claire Perry at this meeting.Four points of action:  
1. Meeting with SCC to press our case.
2. Lobby for meeting between Transport Group, Claire Perry and Network Rail.
3. To source the possible feasibility study that may still exist from SCC. Rupert Cox might be able to help.
4. To source timeta ble of franchise for 1st Great Western. (We hear they have been given a short-term contract to run trains.)
An interview with BBC Somerset is to be broadcast on 25th Oct. on END OF THE LINE.
Litter Picking was discussed.  It was decided to leave it until the spring and call it Spring Clean.
We will have a declutter event in February
11th Nov. proposal that we go to Taunton for talk on Local Economy. The meeting was in favour. 
Tony to arrange a walk in December.
 Next meeting 11.11.14, 7.30p.m. at Kelways